In today’s Eco-conscious world enjoying a spirited drive seems like a taboo subject. Revving your big engine is also close to being a crime against humanity therefore manufacturers and tuners alike have to find workarounds. AC Schnitzer recently unveiled a so-called sound module that allow you to boost or completely change the sound of your car without damaging the environment.

BMW received a lot of flack when they admitted using sound-enhancing modules on their cars. The Active Sound Design feature used in many of the new BMWs basically enhances the engine’s sound through the speakers. It’s not annoying and it’s actually a good way of allowing you to know how much to rev your engine without looking at the rev counter. However, a lot of people have a problem with it and understandably so.


On the other hand, other manufacturers took a different path. Audi, for example, actually installs speakers in the rear mufflers of their cars to enhance the sound of some of their models. Diesel cars are especially targeted here as the agricultural sound they make is not necessarily pleasant to the ear.

Now German tuner AC Schnitzer is following in the same path. The system is remotely controlled and is made up of a speaker installed in the rear mufflers, just like Audi does. Apparently, you can choose between no less than seven different sounds for your diesel car, including the stock sound. The part is now available for order, in case you’re interested.