Active Sound

Video: AC Schnitzer Sound Module for Diesel BMW Models

In today’s Eco-conscious world enjoying a spirited drive seems like a taboo subject. Revving your big engine is also close to being a crime against humanity therefore manufacturers and tuners alike have to find workarounds….

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Owner Modifies His BMW M135i To Sound Like An M4

If some of you aren’t familiar with Active Sound Design (ASD), it’s BMW’s way of producing fake (no better way to describe this honestly) engine noises through the car’s audio system. It utilizes the throttle…

Should BMWs use the Active Sound?

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BMW M3 and M4 engine noise: 98% real

BMW has responded to customer feedback and engineered the engine noise of the new M3 Sedan and M4 Coupe to be as ‘real’ as possible. “The engine note in the cabin is largely pure,” said BMW…