Monaco is one of those places around the world where having money doesn’t guarantee you’ll stand out in the crowd. Over there, driving a Ferrari 458 is as mundane as driving a Ford F-150 in the US. That’s why a lot of people resort to all sorts of tricks to attract as much attention as possible – this driver inside the BMW 1M Coupe included.

Seeing as he was surrounded by supercars and tuned cars with good-sounding exhausts all around, the owner of this car decided to install – probably – the loudest exhaust we’ve ever seen on a BMW. As the video description so eloquently puts it, his car now makes sounds closer to what you’d expect out of an AK-47 instead of a twin-turbo 3-liter inline 6-cylinder.

And while for some that may be enticing or maybe even pleasurable, the people of Monaco definitely weren’t all that excited to see this car roam their streets. At one point, people inside the famous Monaco tunnel actually get scared and even cover their ears at the sight of the car. This is definitely not the way you’d want your daily driver to sound like.

Unfortunately, we don’t have any details on how to actually get your hands on that exhaust. According to the video description, the car belongs to Swiss tuner, Team Narex, but other than that, little is known about the BMW or the person behind its ludicrous sound. Our guess is that this is a sort of experiment to see how loud a 1M Coupe could sound on overrun.