Here at BMWBLOG we love classic BMWs and the BMW E24 6 Series is one of the most iconic bimmers ever made by the Bavarians. While in the US customers were greeted with the BMW E24 M6, in Europe the same car used a different name: M635CSi. In essence, the two were exactly the same. They were both powered by twin-cam, 24-valve inline-six-cylinder engines known as the M88 or S38, which were both derived from those used in the M1 sports car. Unveiled at the 1983 Frankfurt Motor Show, the only difference between the European and US or Japanese models was the name, which was changed to be easier to remember and fall in line with the M3 and M5 models.

The cars were assembled manually on the production line of the Dingolfing factory and used body panels built by the coach masters over at Karmann. Those were the days when the M division put heart and soul into their creations, building some of the greatest M cars of all time.

M635CSi bmw 750x496

The video below not only tells the story of the car but also of its owner. Most of the time, we tend to forget that our elders were once young like us and they shared similar passions. With cars like the E24 M635CSi, it’s clear they’ve been just as passionate about their BMWs as we are today.  The video below was put together by a team of passionate BMW owners in the Czech Republic.

Be warned: goosebumps alert!