German tuner Hamann unveiled its own display gauge for the BMW M4, showcasing a product that may be of a lot of help to BMW drivers. Featuring a control system that allows you to open and close the exhaust valves at the reach of your finger tips, we have to admit it spurred our interest.

The accessory can be installed in one of the center air vents of the car and has access to a plethora of sensors installed on board the car. The list of information that can be displayed is impressive and varies from battery voltage, boost pressure (peak boost), water temperature and transmission temperature to horsepower, torque, a dyno graph, g-forces and even maximum speed readings.


Furthermore, to get some help on the track, you can also use it as a stopwatch or to record sprint times, GPS speed, quarter mile times or for light countdown. Fortunately, it works with both the M3 and M4 (Coupe and Convertible) and it is compatible with both the stock exhaust and the Hamann version.

The display system is developed in collaboration with Awron who has been offering the DGA gauge in the U.S. for quite some time. Unfortunately, the system isn’t listed on Hamann’s website at the moment, so we can’t provide a price tag right. In the U.S., the Awron gauge starts at a little over $1,000.