The guys from Vossen Wheels are currently marketing their new VFS-6 wheels and the latest car used to showcase the new wheels is a stealthy F30 BMW 328i dressed up as if it was ready to go to war. However, the main focus in the video and the photo gallery below lies on the custom wheels.

The VFS-6 wheels are made using the latest technology in the field, the Vossen crew employing advanced flow forming tech to make sure their product is both durable and light, reducing unsprung weight and, therefore, improving handling. That could make the difference between finishing first or second on a track but most of Vossen’s customers are mostly looking for a special design that would set their car apart on the streets, not on the track.


Sure, there are some other benefits to riding on lighter wheels, like better performance and lower fuel consumption but in the end, it’s the visual improvement that matters the most here. And the combination we see here is flush. The car was wrapped in matte grey offering the sedan a fierce look. Chip in the smoked taillights and you get an incredibly good-looking 328i that will turn heads on the streets.

The M Performance add-ons such as the front spoiler, side sills, spoiler and mirror covers sure help as well while the gloss graphite finish on the wheels makes the color scheme complete. As far as engine and chassis tuning goes, nothing has been changed except replacing the stock coilovers with H&R ones that lower the car’s stance by about an inch. Under the hood sits the same 2-liter 4-cylinder turbocharged engine we’ve been getting used to, making 240 HP and 258 lb-ft (350 Nm) of torque, enough for any daily driver.