Video: Matte Grey BMW 328i on Vossen VFS-6 Wheels

Modded BMW 4 Series Coupe On Vossen Wheels

Vossen Wheels has raised the imagination of car owners worldwide for years now. With their newest projects we are receiving a magnitude of fresh models, cool builds and overall a great showcase of aftermarket setups….

Beautiful BMW F10 5 Series On Vossen Wheels

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Alpine White BMW 435i On Vossen Wheels

From far out, this bimmer can pass on as a BMW M4, but getting closer we immediately notice the 4 Series Coupe lines and stance. This BMW 435i comes with in Alpine White and the…

Alpine White BMW X5 With Vossen Wheels

Whether you are a casual guy looking at tuned vehicles or a big fan of everything that falls under that large category of aftermarket parts, you undoubtedly heard about Vossen Wheels in one shape or…