BMW Group is getting even more serious about car sharing and sustainable mobility. According to Peter Schwarzenbauer, the BMW executive who oversees, the British brand is planning a service to help its customer make money with their MINIs. MINI will offer its new cars with devices that enable owners to rent out their vehicles, like Airbnb does with spare rooms and empty apartments. The system includes features that accept payment and track the vehicle in case of unforeseen situations.

“It’s going to be kind of like Airbnb on wheels,” Schwarzenbauer said in an interview at the Beijing motor show. “There’ll be those who say, ‘Never, ever will I lend my car to strangers.’ Then there’ll be others who’ll love the idea of halving their leasing rate.”


Upon the trial’s results, BMW will decide whether it will expand the service to the German brand as well. Schwarzenbauer said the technology is easy to install and will be available at “no significant cost” to the owner.

BMW already runs car-sharing in cities in Europe, and it plans to add options like vehicle delivery and a taxi-like chauffeur service this year in a new shared fleet introduced this month in Seattle.

[Source: Bloomberg]