The BMW i8 is definitely a game changing car. Maybe that’s why people are using it for everything these days, from promoting an eco-friendly business to pranks. Its eye-catching design and futuristic hybrid powertrain are just two of the things that make the i8 special. Youtube celebrity, Roman Atwood knows this and he used the BMW to prank some of his friends.

Atwood invited his friends to take a ride inside the i8. This being the coolest car on the block , very few people could actually say no to it. Therefore, once they were inside, the jokes began. Roman’s take was not only funny, scaring the passengers silly, but he also wanted to raise awareness for a rather … interesting cause.

BMW i8 2015 1600 0e 750x535
BMW i8

Apparently there are 66,000 of toilet paper rolls used in the US every two minutes and he used that number to prove a point. Let’s have a look.