Last month, German magazine Sport Auto took the new BMW M2 on the Hockenheim short track for an instrumented test. The car weighing 1572 kilograms with no driver managed to score a lap time of 1:12.5 minutes. Around the same time, Auto Zeitung reported a lap time of 1:13.2 minutes.

Now, Sport Auto went back for another lap and a new record – 1:12.2 minutes. In comparison, the M4 Coupe with a manual transmission lapped the same track in 1:12.8 minutes. The M4 weighed 1615 kg. The figure is even more impressive when compared with the limited edition BMW E90 M3 CRT which ran the same circuit in 1:13.6 minutes.


The original “baby-M” – the 1 Series M Coupe – had a lap time of 1:14.1 with a weight of 1513 kg. The M235i reported a lap of 1:15.4 minutes with a weight of 1542 kg.

Quicker than the M2 was the Porsche Cayman GT4 with a lap time of 1:10.1 min, while behind the M2 we find cars like the Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG, Audi RS3 and Ford Mustang GT.

Let’s see the record lap on video.