In an effort to broaden the appeal of the all-electric BMW i3, the Munich-based auto manufacturer will offer a special edition i3 with features oriented specifically to independent contractors. The model will feature an all new electric power take-off device and an external plug that allows a variety of Makita’s Flex Drive tools to connect and take advantage of the i3’s powerful electric motor.

Tools such as drills, reciprocating saws and sanders can connect via a cable-driven outlet hidden under the roundel in the front of the vehicle. A belt-driven transmission will offer infinite speed variation via a foot pedal switch.


The models will only be offered in white and will be equipped with supports for aluminum ladders. Depending on the success of the special edition, future editions may be released specific to other markets. Talks are rumored to be in progress with Oster on an all-green Margarita Maker edition.