Japan-based 3D Design brings an exciting update to the new BMW M4 Coupe and F80 M3 Sedan in the form of Carbon Fiber Bumpers. The lightweight bumpers were designed to perfectly fit the M4’s design giving the car a quite unique look. While others are still working on spoilers, lips and canards made of carbon fiber, 3D Design decided to go the whole nine yards.

Every bumper is made of 100% pre-preg cabon fiber, the traditional material used by 3D Design for quite some time now. Furthermore, the fitment is OEM – quite an impressive feat considering it’s such a big component.



In case you’re worried that your car will look peculiar with gray front and rear bumpers, have no worries, they can be painted in a variety of colors. The front bumper is also compatible with the BMW F80 M3, but the rear one isn’t, unfortunately.

No pricing has been unveiled at the moment as the parts are still in pre-production.