Much like the experience of owning a BMW automobile, owning a BMW motorcycle is part of a premium lifestyle experience. As a result, the brand also sells clothes and accessories for riders to adorn while enjoying their Beamers. For 2016, BMW Motorrad is continuing its tradition of offering top-notch accessories, with the introduction of practical, yet stylish, bags.

The first of which is the new Messenger Bag. A new addition to the collection for this year, the well constructed Messenger Bag utilizes materials like waxed canvas, and can easily accommodate a 17″ laptop. Featuring two zipper pockets and an 18 litre capacity, the bags design places great emphasis on usability. The MSRP for the Messenger Bag will be €100.00.


Other offerings include the Function Rucksack, the Giant Bag and the waterproof BMW Motorrad Luggage roll with its 50 liter capacity. The Function Rucksack, too, has an impressive capacity of 30 liters. However, if it’s space that you need, look no further than the Giant Bag.

The Giant Bag has a very fitting name, as it has a 90 liter capacity. It has a large lockable compartment which can be easily divided into spaces. The Giant Bag can accommodate all of your riding gear, making it the ideal companion for many different types of rides. The bag itself is light, but does also have rollers, for when you’ve loaded it up. The Giant Bag has an MSRP of €260.00



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