According to Carston Pries – head of product development at BMW M – future M models will have at the core six-cylinder engines and a rear-wheel drive architecture.

“If you also look at the M performance models we have added over the last three or four years they have rear-wheel drive as the standard setting and also have six cylinder engines…this combination of six cylinder engines and rear-wheel drive is not just a USP in marketing terms but it is something that really attracts people to our brand,” Pries said.


Of course, the larger M models – like the M5, M6 and M SUVs – will continue to use larger displacements in form of V8 TwinTurbo engines, but for the first time, the M5 and M6 models are likely to receive an optional all-wheel drive.

When questioned about future front-wheel drive M models – based on the assumption that some cars like the 1 Series are moving towards a front-wheel drive platform – Pries said the Motorsport division will look ahead and explore any opportunities, if they make sense.

“If the framework changes in the future, we have to look then at what we can do in terms of a proper or decent M offer.”

The next generation of M cars is due out in 2018 when the 7th generation M5 will come to market.

[Source: Motoring]