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The second generation BMW X1 is quite a looker. While the first X1 sold in high numbers mostly thanks to its handling characteristics and attractive …

The second generation BMW X1 is quite a looker. While the first X1 sold in high numbers mostly thanks to its handling characteristics and attractive price point, the second X1 small size SUV is shaping up to be a great seller mostly based on its looks.

At the X1 launch event in Mexico, BMW X1 product manager, John Kelly, said the company sold over 68,000 X1 models in its three years lifecycle in the US. The sales peak was reached in 2013 when BMW USA sold 26,512 units.

“The new X1 is about being a compact X car with a big attitude,” said Calvin Luk – BMW X1 designer – in an interview for BMWBLOG. “Everything is more pumped up! The design is focused on being robust, sporty, bold and powerful. This new X1 is one tough little guy!”

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The folks over at have taken the X1 to the beautiful and scenic Spain for an exclusive photoshoot.


The 2016 BMW X1 has grown quite a bit over the previous model, sprouting 53 millimeters in height, with a 36 millimeter raise in the front seating position, to give the X1 a more commanding view of the road. This increase in size, and switch to front-wheel drive architecture, has also given the X1 better interior space, to the tune of 37 millimeters more rear knee room and 85 liters more cargo space, bringing the total to 505 liters. With the rear seats folded down, the X1 has 1,550 liters of cargo space.

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The BMW X1 xDrive28i is the exclusive model in the US featuring a 2.0 liter TwinTurbo four-cylinder engine from BMW’s new family of modular engines with maximum output of 228 horsepower. The new X1 needs only 6.3 seconds to run from 0 to 60 mph. BMW USA set the base price for the 2016 BMW X1 at $35,795, including destination and handling included; a $3,945 increase over the previous model.


6 responses to “BMW X1 goes for a photoshoot in Spain – Photo Gallery”

  1. Lucky13 says:

    They should be selling 50,000 a year in the US but if they don’t build any inventory they will be lucky to sell 25,000. Why would my small local dealer have 21 3 series a week ago but only 1 X1? Why launch a new vehicle and not have inventory when cars aren’t selling and SUV’s are hot?

    • foxchase says:

      How true Lucky 13! i believe it’s a marketing move by the dealers and not BMW . I was pricing out an X1 and they did not move on the price because they (dealers) knew that there would be someone else interested in the same vehicle. It forces your hand to either make a move and buy or lose the vehicle to someone else. I had better luck in looking at Used X1 knowing it’s already been sitting in the lot for 6 months, and the dealers were willing to negotiate with the price. Plus it still came with the factory warranty + BMW used car warranty of an extra year and 25,000 mile at the end of the factory warranty

  2. Amador Campos says:

    Very good article and some great pictures. Congratulations!

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