Turner Motorsport gives their BMW M5 project a new visual upgrade. The folks at Turner installed a set of custom Forgeline MT1 Monoblock Wheels in Matte Gold Powder coat on the Frozen Grey F10 M5. The MT1 features a ten spoke mesh design, unique deeply-cut diamonds machined into the base of each spoke around the center of the wheel, deep concave profile, and radically-chamfered outer edge.

The wheel specs are 21×9 front and 21×11 rear wrapped in Michelin Pilot Super Sports.

Turner BMW M5 Forgeline wheels 750x500

The M5 also features a Gruppe M Intake designed to harness the maximum amount of air available in the F10 M5 engine bay. The air flow is greatly increased within the 4,000-5,500rpm range where the M5 makes the most power adding approximately 15hp and 30 ft lbs of torque.

To improve the handling, a set of H&R Sport Springs made their way onto the car. The H&R springs are designed to lower the vehicle to improve handling by lowering the center of gravity, thus decreasing body roll and weight transfer.

Turner BMW M5 Forgeline wheels 1 750x500

Other upgrades include a Turner-built Race Inspired exhaust which deletes the rear mufflers in the F10 M5 to allow more of the exhaust sound to be heard.

The Vorsteiner Carbon Fiber Front Spoiler, together with the corresponding Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser bring the Project Frozen Gray F10 M5 to another level. They add an extra layer of class and aggressiveness to the super sedan, all without making the exterior too busy or over-modified. Vorsteiner’s Autoclaved Pre-Preg Carbon Fiber gives amazing contrast to the BMW Individual Frozen Gray paint.

Enjoy these high-quality photographs from Vorsteiner, featuring the Turner Project F10 M5.