BMW brought the big guns at Laguna Seca – The M2 MotoGP Safety Car. While we weren’t allowed to track the special M2, we had the chance to observe it from upclose and also to enjoy some great track photography.

In person, the new Safety Car looks even better; its aggressive lines, the M livery and the additional M Performance Parts make this M2 quite a looker. BMW chose the Safety Car to feature its entire range of carefully designed and engineered parts. The racing wing, M carbon ceramic brakes and the Michelin Cup 2 add even more character and performance to this M2.


Inside, the rear seats have been stripped out while the front seats are now made by Recaro.

An adjustable coilover suspension the carbon fiber blades applied to the body and side skirts, the diffuser insert at the rear are just a few of the aerodynamic improvements.


Click below for some great photos!