The potential expansion of the color palette for the BMW i8 is unlimited, and since BMW only currently offers four exterior colors with six possible combinations, many owners are starting to resort to the aftermarket. Take for example this BMW i8 from BMW Abu Dhabi – a dealership known for their daring and unique projects – featuring a color combination using two of BMW’s hottest colors: Sophisto Grey and Austin Yellow.

For their showroom, the BMW i8 in Sophisto Grey with accents in Austin Yellow bring as an unmistakable look and presents an attraction for many visitors. The Austin Yellow is not only featured on the kidney grille and side mirrors, but it also replaces elements of the so-called “Black Belt.”


No power upgrades were part of the tuning plan at the moment, so the i8 comes with a plug-in hybrid system consisting of a turbocharged three-cylinder BMW TwinPower Turbo petrol engine and BMW eDrive technology in the form of an electric drive system.

BMW’s most advanced car built-to-date produces 362 horsepower and 570 Nm (420 lb-ft) for a 0 to 100 km/h of 4.4 seconds. Good enough for most owners who love to push their cars closer to the limit.