BMW i8 colors

BMW i8 Protonic Blue color no longer offered

BMW i8 frozen black 17 750x500

BMW i8 shines in Frozen Black

Bob Smith BMW is once again thinking outside the box by creating one of the most unique BMW i8 hybrids available today. Earlier this month they flexed their muscles with another hot i8, painted in…

bmw i8 individual bmw welt 01 830x553

BMW i8 gets an M livery

Professional car wrapping company Prowrap give this BMW i8 an exterior makeover. Using the famous ///M colors, the folks at Prowrap dress up the i8 in a sporty livery to go with its exquisite looks….

BMW i8 Austin Yellow Sophistograu 03 750x500

BMW i8 shines in Sophisto Grey with Austin Yellow accents

The potential expansion of the color palette for the BMW i8 is unlimited, and since BMW only currently offers four exterior colors with six possible combinations, many owners are starting to resort to the aftermarket….