Mercedes-Benz has just released another teaser of its upcoming E Class luxury sedan, which will be officially debuting on January, 11th. That’s one helluva way to kick off the new year, as the E Class is one of the best selling cars to wear a three-pointed star, so it’s very important to the brand. In the new teaser, as well as the previous teaser, the E Class is shown to have Transformer-level technology. The teaser seems to focus on the car’s headlights, which seem to feature something called “Multibeam LED” technology. We previously detailed much of the autonomous and cabin tech that the E Class features, and it’s all very impressive.

Mercedes-Benz E Class Dash

There’s no doubt that, as one of Mercedes’ most important vehicles, the folks in Stuttgart are going to pour everything they’ve got into this new E Class. It’s going to have class-leading technology and cabin features, especially considering that it will be the newest car in the segment by far.

Though, there was once a time when car ads featured claims about its performance, maybe a couple of shots of the engine and depictions of it being fast and powerful. Now, they show a couple of shots of the headlights with some fancy Transformer noises in the background and people “ooh and ahh’ at all of the shiny new technology. It’s not a good trend for us enthusiasts, as these cars are far more focused gigabytes than horsepower.


I wonder, though, how BMW will respond to the new E Class with its upcoming 5 Series. It’s obvious that when the E Class debuts, its technology will be class-leading and it will probably be the best luxury car in the segment, as it will be the newest car in the segment by far. So when BMW finally debuts the upcoming G30 5 Series, will BMW have gone the same route as Mercedes-Benz and try and pack it with as much luxury and technology as it possibly can? Or will BMW actually try and make it a BMW and give it proper driving dynamics?

G30 BMW 5 Series rendering
G30 BMW 5 Series rendering

The new BMW G11 7 Series is proof that BMW can do both, as it has more technology than anything else in its class, is unbelievably luxurious and can still be fun to drive. So maybe BMW will be able to do both again with the upcoming 5er, especially considering that they’ll be based on the same platform. Let’s just hope BMW doesn’t get too caught up in a tech-race with Mercedes and forget the driving dynamics.