We have begun to see an increase in the number of BMW i3s rolling around town, so it has only been a matter of time before an i3 obtained modifications other than coding to its sophisticated technological package. On the stock suspension the i3 has a fairly comfortable feel, even though high winds can give the car some significant body roll.

In order to increase the driving dynamics and its stance, European Auto Source decided to install a set of H&R Springs on the fully electric i3. Without sacrificing ride quality, the H&R Lowering Springs installed on this i3 gave it a fairly decent drop. Benefits of the H&R springs are not only the lowered stance but also a lower center of gravity providing improved handling. The i3 can be be lowered anywhere from 1.0″ to 1.8” on average.


Springs are a great option for those who will do more commuting but want a more aggressive look for their car. Looking to hit the track? H&R Lowering Springs are certainly capable of that as well.

However, it is recommended to upgrade from lowering springs to a coil over set.