Jörg Weidinger managed an outstanding time of approximately 7min 28s on the legendary Nürburgring North Loop in a BMW M4 GTS.

Jörg, you work in the vehicle dynamics department at BMW M GmbH. What is your job exactly?

Joerg Weidinger: The team I work with integrates the components that are relevant to the vehicle’s dynamics, with the aim of achieving optimum overall coordination that BMW M automobiles are known for; this results in the typical M driving sensation.


But it is not just at work that you are at the wheel of fast cars.

I worked for ten years as an instructor at BMW Driving Experience. And for more than twenty years I have been developing my passion for motor sports, in hill climb racing, circuit racing, slalom and rallies – and always with BMW models. My championship titles (two each in the European Hill Climb Championship and the German Hill Climb Championship) were my greatest successes, alongside a few good 24h races.

You managed an impressive time of 7min 28s in the new BMW M4 GTS on the North Loop. What is it that makes this car so fast?

The BMW M4 GTS is indeed a thrilling overall package. This is not just because of its formidable engine but the three-way coilover suspension also plays an important role. The kinematics, tyres, aerodynamics, and the design of the ‘driver’s workplace’ – all of these components are coordinated to work together perfectly.

We are talking about 7min 28s. What was your exact time?

We timed it to a degree of hundredths of a second. But we would like to give our fans a chance to guess what the precise time was.

OK, so as a prize we will award the winner with a drive with you in the BMW M4 GTS on the North Loop of the Nürburgring.

Great. I will forward to it. You can enter your guesses here: CLICK HERE.

[Source: M-Power]