The new BMW i3 is slowly becoming an important car for the Bavarians. Sales are increasing month-over-month, new customers come to the brand and BM is starting to see its big investment pay off.

When it went on sale in 2014 in the U.S., the i3’s lease deals were higher than your usual BMW model. Mostly because the residuals were low and a fully loaded i3 REx would jump over $50,000. It wasn’t uncommon to see lease deals north of $700/month; yet those hadn’t stopped early adopters to jump in BMW’s first electric vehicle.

Fast forward a year later and the lease takeover market for the i3 seems to be more vibrant than ever and with the right amount of patience one can score a deal. Even on a fully loaded model.

Take for example this 2015 BMW i3 – listed on Craigslist – which has a lease term of 24 month and 20,2000 total miles allowed. The odometer reads 2800 miles and comes with plenty of options and packages – Giga World, Harman Kardon Premium Sound, Technology and Driving Assistant Package, and even a Suntek Carbon XP tint to math the immaculate white paint job.

So one would assume that taking over this lease would cost a pretty penny? But to our surprise, it’s actually a quite amazing deal. The monthly payment is $197 a month (taxes rolled into the payment) and it requires $2400 cash upfront. While that seems steep for a second, the owner says $1400 would be returned by BMW Financial Services at the end of the lease term.

So essentially for $200 a month, plus a one time fee of $1000, you can own, arguably, BMW’s most technologically advanced car.

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