BMW Sandton Auto received the first BMW M4 GTS for the South African market. With only 25 units allocated to the market, the M4 GTS sold out quickly, same as in other markets. The folks at the South African dealership decided to do an engine startup of the M4 GTS – giving us a closer look at the loud performance exhaust system.

They also showcased the OLED taillights, a first on a BMW production model. OLEDs (organic light-emitting diodes) generate their light using wafer-thin layers of semi-conducting organic materials. Unlike LEDs, which emit their light in the form of points, OLEDs light up over their full surface with a homogeneous effect.


The titanium muffler on the exhaust system helps with weight savings while delivering an impressive growl.

With only 700 units produced globally, the BMW M4 GTS is as rare as it can get. While some markets, like the US, will get 300 units, others will have a very limited amount of M4 GTS cars. The UK is lucky to sell 30 units priced at £121,770, while Netherlands only 4.

The 2016 BMW M4 GTS will arrive in US showrooms in spring 2016 for $134,200 including $995 Destination & Handling.