“Form follows function“ – This guiding principle is systematically applied BMW and often by German tuning shops. AC Schnitzer just unveiled their BMW X6 F16 with a Falcon bodykit which is heading for the 2015 Essen Motor Show.

The aero package includes a front skirt, rear diffuser, AC Schnitzer bonnet vents in export version with optional chrome elements, a rear wing, new carbon mirror covers and rear skirt protective film. These not only make the X6 stand out visually, but also provide more power thanks to the perfect airflow.


The interior of the BMW X6 by AC Schnitzer reflects style and design rather than power. Aluminum pedal set and foot rests, keyholder and velours foot mats are available to enhance the interior further.


Suspension work has been completed as well. The AC Schnitzer suspension spring kit lowers the car by 30 mm, offering a lowering center of gravity to improve driving dynamics and cornering abilities. Up to 22-inch wheels are offered in various colors to perfectly fill the flared fenders.

With performance upgrades to 309 hp on the X6 30d, 360 hp on the X6 40d and 35i, and a legendary 525 hp on the X6 50i, AC Schnitzer offers a wide range of power outputs to their demanding customers.


The X6 will be displayed at the AC Schnitzer booth in Essen along with the BMW 150d ACS1 5.0d which produces 400 hp from its tri-turbo diesel.