Well, today’s Turkey Day in the ‘States. It’s a day that’s supposed to be filled with great food, family, friends and celebrations for what we’re thankful for in our lives. It’s basically to commemorate the early feasts between Pilgrims and Native Americans. However, it’s usually actually spent watching Football while many family members have too much to drink, and argue over nonsense and then people going out shopping at midnight to trample one another for five percent off of Kuerig coffee maker. Ahh, isn’t America grand?

But it’s really a day to look back at all of the thinks we’re thankful for and that’s what we’re going to do here today. Except we’re going to do it with cars, because why not?

Us journalists might do a lot of bitching and moaning about our favorite car brands, like BMW, over producing cars that we deem unfit for the brand. But in actuality, our complaints are based off of nonsense and we’re living in the golden age of the automobile so we should appreciate it. Don’t believe we are? Just take a look at the fact that we have nearly 600 horsepower luxury SUVs, hybrid supercars that are faster than we ever imagined while also returning excellent fuel economy, sports cars that are faster than the supercars of yesterday but also aren’t rock hard and even small affordable cars that are able to put massive grins on your face. The automobile truly has never seen a more exciting time.


BMW, despite everyone complaining about it not being the pure, connected brand it used to be, is making some truly phenomenal cars. Let’s put it this way, the current BMW M4 with the DCT transmission is faster to 60 mph than the Lamborghini Gallardo was when it first debuted around 10 years go. That’s amazing. So there’s plenty we should be thankful for from our favorite Bavarian brand. BMW is offering performance we may never have though possible at prices that are actually reachable. But the question remains, which BMW are you most grateful for?

I can tell you which one I’m most grateful for, the BMW M2.


That might seem like an obvious answer, as it’s the hottest Bavarian steed in the stable at the moment, but hear me out. The BMW M2 is a car that, by all logical accounts, shouldn’t be made. It’s not that much faster than the already very enjoyable M235i, it will cost almost as much as the BMW M3, which will be quite a bit faster and bigger and more practical and have more equipment, and BMW will likely make little to no money on it. It’s the kind of car that’s hated by bean counters. But BMW is going to give us one anyway simply because it would be awesome.

The BMW M2 will be the kind of car for people who just want one over all else. Logic states that it’s a bad deal, because of how much more car for the money the M3 is over it and that if you want something smaller, get an M235i. But the M2 is for people who want an M2 and dammit they’re going to have one. It’s also going to be a freaking sensational car, with its 370 hp, Active M limited-slip differential and available manual gearbox. The M2 is going to bring back all of the memories we have of BMW’s greats and BMW’s making it despite the fact that it makes very little business sense. So thank you, BMW, I appreciate you for that.