BMW M235i makes Car and Driver’s 10Best

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There’s been quite a lot of Bimmer-Bashing going around the internet lately. Much of it started with Motor Trend’s Car of the Year Award, which …

There’s been quite a lot of Bimmer-Bashing going around the internet lately. Much of it started with Motor Trend’s Car of the Year Award, which went to the brand-new 2016 Chevy Camaro. Following the Camaro’s victory, the internet swarmed to proclaim the Camaro better than every single Bavarian sports car ever made and that BMW was just a soft luxury brand with a fake performance image.

Well, finally, BMW is getting some love after these past couple of days. Car and Driver, a publication that isn’t quiet about criticizing BMW for its recent lack of BMWness, has just put out its annual 10Best winners. The 10Best is pretty self explanatory, every year Car and Driver picks ten cars that it thinks are the ten best cars currently on the market. It’s best on quite a bit of criteria, including performance, fun, practicality and price. The BMW 3 Series, last I checked, was the longest running car to ever be on the list. Until last year, when the F30 BMW 3 Series didn’t make the cut in a shocking upset. Well this year, a new Bavarian is on the list — the BMW M235i.

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The folks at C&D actually had quite a lot of nice things to say about the little 2er “But this M variant of the 2-series still does exactly what we expect of the company’s machines. The steering informs you of the road’s every nuance. Squeeze the brakes for a corner and the lower-right side of your foot drops easily onto the accelerator to match engine revs for a downshift. It’s the sort of stuff that always seemed so natural to the marque’s cars that one assumed the engineers didn’t even sweat it, that this sort of correctness was baked into Bavarian genes sometime in the Middle Ages and only revealed itself upon the advent of the automobile.”

My goodness, someone actually admitted that a modern BMW has great steering. But it goes on “The M235i takes everything BMW has traditionally done well and concentrates it into a compact, livable package. The 320-hp 3.0-liter turbo six doles out sweet, smooth power. The chassis isn’t punishing the way the M235i’s larger M-badged siblings can be. And with the M2 now on the way, the M235i should be forever freed from the need to post fantasy performance numbers.”

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It’s nice to see the BMW M235i getting the love it deserves. Having driven a number of new BMWs recently, the one that stands out most in my mind is the M235i. It’s my favorite horse in the Bavarian stable and I’m sure that I share that sentiment with many BMW fans. The 2 Series has often been considered the best BMW and the car that drives and feels like what the 3 Series should be. The BMW M235i is an exceptional car and one that absolutely deserves its place on Car and Driver’s 10Best.

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  1. Brandon W says:

    This is the second year in a row on C&D’s 10Best. It actually replaced the 3 series last year.

    • jason bourne says:

      The 3-Series has gotten bloated and long in the tooth over the years… The 2-Series will be the new bread and butter car for BMW.

      As far as Motor Trend and the Camaro are concerned, they’re both turds.

      • Brandon W says:

        I have an M235i and have driven the new 3-series. The 3-series was more fun than I was expecting but the M235i is a blast. Totally deserving of 10Best for sure.

  2. BlackH20River says:

    Had my fill of 3 and 5 series over the years, at 58 four cars all together, now i drive a Korean Hyundai Genesis. I know it’s sounds crazy but versus paying about 52K for one of this little almost subcompact 2 series I am way happier. BMW just nickel and dimed me out of their line-up. You get charged for leather on all BMW’s, charged for parking sensors (on a $50K car), charged for $900 for an upgrade stereo, and every other little packages that will cost you another few grand here and there, its crazy. The 3 and 5 Series come standard with a 4 cylinder turbo engine now. I get high 20’s mpg on the highway at 70 mph.
    My Genesis comes with a 5.0 liter V8, reaches 0-60 in sub 5 second time. Quite frankly I have more interior room than the 5 series, more near a 7 series and cost less than a 2 series. Drove off the lost with the two major packages (that means every single option available) for $47K. The includes a Lexicon stereo system that is only used in one other car, a Bentley Arnage. But that was standard, as was heads up display, cross alerts, car pacing cruise control, heated and air conditioned front seats, heated rears seats, rear window shade display (electric, side rear window’s shades (manual), full leather seats with piping (standard on their 37K version though). 8 inch touch screen navigation, on and on all in the price.
    Just say I want everything possible and you can’t sticker for more than $52-$54K and they easily come off 6-7K. BMW is selling 2015’s and offering a big 6K of MSRP (wow, it’s a year old).
    In addition, my oil changes dropped from $135.00 for my 5 Series to $25.00 (plus one free after three oil changes) at the dealer. Also bumper to bumper warranty for 4 years 60K miles and powertrain warranty up to 100K or ten years. Hyundai is splitting off the Genesis line from Hyundai like Acura, Infiniti and Lexus over the next couple years, maybe they will start charging way more, but for now I just got tired of the money flowing. Already looking forward to my second Genisis.

    • jason bourne says:

      Sounds like you’re more concerned with gadgets and options vs. driving experience.

      BMWs have never been great “bang for the buck” cars, but they’ve typically always been top-tier driver’s cars.

      To each their own.

      • BlackH20River says:

        Maybe you can’t read, owned BMW’s since my twenties, now in my later 50’s.
        I have owned both so know what I am talking about, BMW has gone soft over the years and more expensive where decently optioned cars become very expensive versus just expensive. A high end 5 series is now approaching near six figures. Drive a Genesis 5.0 liter and then see what you think. They are the same gadgets that BMW offers, you just have to pay for them line by line.
        Speed quotes are in the message, the car spanks the BMW.
        I have another car for sports driving, one without a back seat and the looks of a subcompact car for $50K. Maybe you are watching to many movies with BMW planted commercials within them.

    • breadsox says:

      Lol so you come on a BMW blog to brag about the tech toys on your >$50000 Hyundai? To justify paying anything more than $20000 on a Korean car it’d HAVE to have every goody on the planet thrown in.

      • BlackH20River says:

        I wouldn’t pay it on a 4 cylinder turbo sub compact $50K BMW, with a pleather interior standard. Next you will say how great the transmission is on the 5 Series BMW, how great BMW’s shift. Hey, it’s the exact. same transmission used in the Genesis, German ZF. LOL on you’re snob satisfaction with a baby bmw while you have to drop another $500-$900 just to get heated seats. What a joke.

      • BlackH20River says:

        $63,445 fully optioned 2 series M? What a joke (the exact same options as the Genesis) . You want a car for performance, something you can take to the track? Get a new good ol American Vette with the Z51 package for under $65K, you’ll never be a good enough driver to handle it. LMAO

        • breadsox says:

          Or, instead of spending well over $100,000 on a Hyundai and a Chevy, one could get an M235i and get all the street performance needed in something as luxurious as your Hyundai.

          I just can’t figure out why you’re even on this website, and specifically commenting on this thread. It looks like a sad attempt to justify your decision to drop $50k on a Hyundai.

          • BlackH20River says:

            I have had both, I doubt you have every been in a Genesis, there is no $100K Genesis, there is a Z06 Corvette, that will give you supercar performance at a fraction of the competitors. Learn your cars junior, better yet, drive them so you can know the differences. I’ve had that twin turbo 6 cylinder engines before in older three series, better not miss a tune-up. Try over 420 naturally aspirated horsepower that spanks this subcompact in both 0-60 and quarter mile in the Genesis . Read Edmunds on all of us that have dropped BMW 5 series for the Genesis, the list is very long. The brand is doing so well Hyundai is breaking if off and opening Genesis only dealers with an expanded car line like Acura, Infiniti and Lexus. That’s for you, that are so scared to try a new car without the brand logo you need to project to compensate for your insecurities. Quite frankly it doesn’t bother me, the car provides too much value and I am not running to the dealer as near as much owning a BMW. Better yet, I am not reamed and overpriced for the BMW badge anymore. Paying 65K for a car and having to pay for these options (that cost the manufacturer little) is the crime. Had three, the last was a piece of junk.
            $900 to get rid of the plastic seat covers in a $60K car? Please! It’s not a Porsche and BMW’s attempt to find some buyers in the mid to low $30K range (probably you). Drop in the turbo six and a few options (if you buy them) your up to $55-$60K. LMAO more, pure profit.
            Finally, sorry, unless you’re the thread police (which you pretend to be), I can comment where and whatever I want.

          • BlackH20River says:

            The suspension tuning was handled by the experts at Lotus, resulting in high-speed confidence rivaling the Germans. The V-8 models offer an adjustable suspension, which firms up the springs, loads up steering effort, and raises transmission shift points at the touch of a button. Same transmission, ZF as BMW. According to Hyundai, Lotus concentrated on optimizing the Normal setting over the heavier Sport setting, since Normal is the mode most drivers use most. And indeed, after trying each, that’s the setting we preferred in nearly all circumstances.

            One of many quotes on the new Genesis by top automative reviewers. Often people said the Lexus LS400 was an overpriced Toyota, but after driving and admiring the lack of service, many BMW, Audi and MB many drivers made the switch in the mid 1990’s. Don’t be so naive before you drive the competition before you attack it just because of a name.

  3. John says:

    If only the interior didn’t look so Korean. :/

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