We’ve all read loads about the new G11 BMW 7 Series by now. We’ve even been out to New York, at the Monticello Race Track, to drive the new 7er. But we haven’t seen many videos of BMW’s latest flagship and videos really help the readers (or viewers in that case, I guess) get inside the car without actually being there. It’s one thing to see pictures that on the internet, that are almost all heavily photoshopped to make look prettier, but it’s another thing entirely to watch it actually move around and see people interact with it.


Fortunately for us, the kind folks at Car Buyer UK have created a video review of the new BMW 7 Series and it’s quite interesting to see it in motion. The first thing I noticed is how much better it seems to look on the road than it does in pictures. In still photographs, the new 7 Series doesn’t look all that impressive. It doesn’t look bad, but just a bit bland. However, in this video, which is the closest thing to being in person with car without actually being there, it looks far more special. It’s big, wide and commanding and the new laser headlights look very cool. But, strangely, Mat Watson, of Car Buyer, seems to think that the exterior is the car’s weakest link. I tend to actually like the way it looks and think it’s more interesting than the Mercedes S Class and Audi A8.

On the inside is what matters more, however. The interior of the new 7 Series really looks fantastic, even with the “Chocolate Box” leather interior. The rear seat is incredible and the 7er in the video isn’t even the long-wheelbase model that we’ll be getting here in the ‘States as our only option. But we all knew that the back seat was a special place to be, what surprised me more was the front. In pictures, I wasn’t sure how I felt about the dashboard design and that new steering wheel. However, watching someone actually drive it and putting the camera right up in there, I actually quite like it. That steering wheel looks cool, too. We even get a glimpse of the Gesture Control working in real time, which is surprisingly responsive looking.


Watson gives the 7 Series high praise for its cabin and technology, though he tends to feel that the S Class is the classier (get it?) of the two. This has been a common belief among many enthusiasts, however, I feel as if BMW was going for something a bit different than Mercedes inside the new 7 Series, so it’s somewhat apples to oranges.

One area where Watson preferred the S Class to this new 7er was in the ride and handling. While the handling is probably better than the S Class, as it’s not really known for its handling, Watson claimed that the ride in the Big Benz was a bit better and smoother, if just a bit. This really isn’t too much of a knock because, again, BMW isn’t trying to make the big squish-mobile that is the Mercedes-Benz S Class. BMW wants the 7 Series to be a bit nimbler and a touch tighter. So if that’s what Mat Watson is feeling, than it’s job well done for BMW.

All in all, the new BMW 7 Series looks very good in this new video, and very promising. Check it out to see what the 7 Series is really like. Though Watson did fail to demonstrate the new 7 Series’ remote-parking feature. What a wasted opportunity.