BMW wants 7 series to top Mercedes S-Class

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For Automotive News, BMW development chief Klaus Froehlich said the new 7 Series has the right tools to compete with the Mercedes-Benz S-Class. “When our …

For Automotive News, BMW development chief Klaus Froehlich said the new 7 Series has the right tools to compete with the Mercedes-Benz S-Class.

“When our 740e plug-in hybrid comes to market next year, it will set the benchmark in terms of fuel consumption and electric range. Our goal is 49 grams [of CO2 per kilometer] and circa 40km [of full-electric driving],” BMW development chief Klaus Froehlich said. By comparison, the S-class plug-in hybrid offers CO2 as low as 65g/km and an electric range of 33km.

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Among many new features – wireless charging, iDrive with touchscreen, digital keyfob, air springs, carbon fiber shell – a few are a first in a production car: self-parking and gesture control. BMW says the new 7 Series will be the first production car that can be parked without a person at the wheel while the gesture recognition system allows hand movements to be used to control the navigation screen and its functions.

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Globally, BMW has sold about 370,000 units of the current 7 Series during the car’s lifecycle (2008-2015). 2011 was the year with the highest 7 Series sales – 67,200. Mercedes sold 100,000 units of its S-Class in 2014.

The Munich-based automaker aims to top their best sales year with the new 7 Series which debuts in Europe and the U.S. on October 24.

[Source: AutoNews]

7 responses to “BMW wants 7 series to top Mercedes S-Class”

  1. Icebreakerr says:

    merc doesnt even have half the tech in the 7 series cant wait for the 9 series to shit all over the maybach

  2. Madalin says:

    C’mon you think that someone who buys an S Class is looking for consumption?! And it’s not about the technology it has inside, it’s rather about the comfort and feeling, where the S class is still the king.
    In 2009 or whenever the 7 series came out on the market, it was said to be the most technological advanced car on the market at that time. Did it help? Nope – it didn’t. It will not help this time either.
    Anyhow, the new 7 series it’s a nice car.

    • TheBingoBalls says:

      BMW can advertise all the cool bells and whistles, but most of what people judge a car by is what they can see and in comparison, the 7-Series has nothing on the S-Class. I know that BMW uses quality materials (leather, ceramic, aluminum) but when you look at the S-Class, it screams luxury. When I look at the 7-Series, I see sporty sedan that has luxury bits.

      • Senne says:

        WRONG. That’s what the previous gen was. It’s actually a good description of the previous gen (but it didn’t just have “luxury bits”, it was very luxurious, just not enough compared with the current S-Class). BUT TIMES CHANGE! The new 7 Series is very sporty, yet incredibly refined. It’s the best in-class PERIOD. And why? Because it’s not JUST comfortable, but also sporty. As I said in the comment above: it’s the Ultimate Driving Machine ánd the Ultimate Driving Luxury. Why do people not see this?? Forget about the S-Class. Just look at the new 7 Series: it’s awesome! It has a roof of star, just like in Rolls-Royce’s, which, as everyone knows, are one of the most luxurious cars on the planet. It has a carpet, lighting the way to the car. You can controls all kind of things, just by a movement of your hand! Shall I go on? These are all amazing things, things the S-Class doesn’t have. Forget the S-Class. The 7 Series is the new King!

        • TheBingoBalls says:

          That’s your opinion but a lot of people will disagree with you. You may prefer the 7er to the S-Class because it’s combination of sport and luxury but most people who look to buy $100k limo are primarily looking at luxury and comfort, period. While you can combine sport and comfort, if you have sport there is absolutely no way you can achieve maximum comfort and that’s what the S-Class provides.

          When you option a S-Class and can be mentioned with the likes of a Bentley and a Rolls Royce as a true luxury car, that says something. No matter how much you option a 7er, it will never be mentioned as a top tier luxury car, not because it’s a terrible car but because the focus isn’t primarily on comfort and luxury and that will always be the wall that prevents the 7er from truly being the standard in this class.

    • Senne says:

      Can’t believe people keep saying the S Class is more luxurious (comfort)!! LOOK AT IT! The Executive Lounge option is so incredibly luxurious and comfortable, how could it possibly be even MORE luxurious????? This is so ridiculous. The S Class is only good in 1 thing: being high-tech and comfortable. BMW does it all: it’s the Ultimate Driving Machine and the Ultimate Driving Luxury!!! Why take a car that does 1 thing great if you can take a car that does it all? The previous generation, indeed was the other way around: it was the best performing car in-class, but just not luxurious enough. This time is different. I don’t understand why so many people can’t understand this. They hear “S-Class” and say “Best-in-class”, and when they hear “7 Series”, they say “It’s good, but S-Class is more comfortable.” WRONG: it used to be like this. Not anymore!

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