For Automotive News, BMW development chief Klaus Froehlich said the new 7 Series has the right tools to compete with the Mercedes-Benz S-Class.

“When our 740e plug-in hybrid comes to market next year, it will set the benchmark in terms of fuel consumption and electric range. Our goal is 49 grams [of CO2 per kilometer] and circa 40km [of full-electric driving],” BMW development chief Klaus Froehlich said. By comparison, the S-class plug-in hybrid offers CO2 as low as 65g/km and an electric range of 33km.


Among many new features – wireless charging, iDrive with touchscreen, digital keyfob, air springs, carbon fiber shell – a few are a first in a production car: self-parking and gesture control. BMW says the new 7 Series will be the first production car that can be parked without a person at the wheel while the gesture recognition system allows hand movements to be used to control the navigation screen and its functions.


Globally, BMW has sold about 370,000 units of the current 7 Series during the car’s lifecycle (2008-2015). 2011 was the year with the highest 7 Series sales – 67,200. Mercedes sold 100,000 units of its S-Class in 2014.

The Munich-based automaker aims to top their best sales year with the new 7 Series which debuts in Europe and the U.S. on October 24.

[Source: AutoNews]