We’ve speculated about an M2 CSL before, especially after Adrian Van Hooydonk’s claims of a possible special edition M2 to pay homage to the E30 M3. The BMW M2 is considered by many to be the spiritual successor to the E46 M3. If that’s the case, the E46 M3 also had a special edition variant and it was called the M3 CSL.

The BMW E46 M3 CSL was a stripped out, lightweight and sharper version of the already excellent M3. It came with the SMG transmission as its only option, had stiffer suspension and pretty much nothing else in it. It was a back road-eating monster and it was fantastic, if a bit loud and uncomfortable. BMW can easily make a CSL variant of the upcoming M2 and it could even be better than the E46 M3 CSL thanks to newfound knowledge of lightweight materials and a much better gearbox.


With BMW’s new Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic technology, it would be much easier, and less expensive, for BMW to give the possible M2 CSL a carbon fiber roof, hood, wing and even certain body panels. This would allow a M2 CSL to be extremely lightweight without being unbearably loud and uncomfortable, like the E46 M3 CSL was. An M2 CSL could also take some tricks from the M4 GTS, by using manually adjustable coil-over suspension and front splitter.

BMW M4 GTS with adjustable front splitter

Obviously, there would be some kind of power boost, which could push a possible M2 CSL to around 380-400 hp, considering the 367 hp in the standard car. Though, added power would barely be needed, as the M2 is already very fast and reducing weight will only increase performance. One of the bigger upgrades of an M2 CSL, over the E46 M2 CSL, would be the seven-speed DCT. Purists would want a manual, but the E46 M3 CSL had the SMG automated-manual transmission as its only option, despite enthusiast’s complaints. The reason for this was performance, and the SMG provided the best possible performance so that’s the gearbox that was chosen. In this case, the DCT is the best possible performance option and would likely be the gearbox chosen. Though, that should be exciting to think about, because a much lighter M2 with adjustable suspension, adjustable aerodynamics and better performance sounds like a recipe for one of the most fun road cars on the market.


The BMW M2 is an excellent starting point for increased performance, as it rides on an great chassis and is already fast and fun. A CSL variant of it could actually surpass its predecessor, spiritual or otherwise, in terms of performance and enjoyment, as it would offer both better performance and even more comfort. An M2 CSL is the stuff of dreams for BMW enthusiasts, so let’s hope BMW makes our dreams come true.

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