One of the best kinds of watches any watch enthusiast can buy is a heritage watch. These are watches that are brand new, but are throwbacks to a much older timepiece by the same company. True vintage watches are great, but often cost far too much, are difficult to authenticate and are even more expensive to maintain. However, heritage watches give you the style of the old-school gentleman without any of those aforementioned headaches. Some heritage watches can be tacky, but some can be done excellently. The Tudor Heritage Black Bay is the latter kind.

Tudor, a subbrand of Rolex, as just created a heritage watch that is a throwback to Tudor diver’s watches of a bygone era and, in turn, the Rolex Submariner. Diver’s watches from back in the day are rougher and tougher than most watches, even from today. The Tudor Heritage Black Bay is exactly that. It’s tough, reliable, accurate and good looking. It’s made of the same stainless steel that Rolex has been using, up until recently, and is dive rated to 200 meters.

The Black Bay’s black bezel and matte black face look excellent, especially in contrast to the white hands and number markers. But it gets even better as both the hands and the number markers have rose-tinted gold edging around them. The edging, in certain light, gives a bronzing effect over the dark matte black face and looks fantastic. This is one of the best looking diver’s watches on the market.

One of the best things about the Black Bay is its price, though. At $3,100, it’s actually quite cheap for what you get. At that price, you get an excellent looking watch that has the heritage and quality to hold its own among much more expensive watches. If you’re in the market for a great all-around watch and don’t want to break the bank, the Tudor Black Bay is the watch for you.