A player of the popular Gran Turismo 6 / GT6 Video Game takes a standard BMW M4 Coupe, modifies into an M4 GTS replica and takes it to the legendary Nurburgring.

The car was modded with 500 horsepower, a 27 kg weight saving, suspension upgrade, semi-slick tires and a final gear ratio with a slight change.

With all the mods on, the player achieves a best lap of 7:21 minutes, significantly lower than the official 7:28 minutes lap time.


With the new M4 GTS, BMW went through great lengths to make sure that the M4 GTS is faster and handles better than the standard car. Which is an incredible accomplishment, considering how good the standard M4 is. For GTS duty, BMW took the engine in the M4 and added water injection and some forged internals, like the crankshaft.

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The engine now delivers 500 horsepower for the European model and 493 hp for the U.S. one. From 0 to 60 mph, the M4 GTS needs only 3.7 seconds.

Here is the Playstation 3 video footage: