We’ve created quite a few Dream Garages here at BMWBLOG. We like to dream about what kind of cars we’d have if money were no issue. Of course we do, we’re car enthusiasts and that’s something all car enthusiasts like to do. But just picking two of the most expensive and most powerful cars on the planet is no fun. It’s fun to pick within some strange parameters so you end up with a pair of funky but cool cars.

So here are the rules: You must pick two and only two cars. They can be from any segment, any body style and from any brand.


Usually we make you pick two BMWs, but for this one, we’re gonna find out how many of you would pick BMWs if you didn’t have to and had unlimited funds. But there’s a small twist. Like the others, there is no limit on how much you can spend. For one of the cars.

For the second car, there will be a price limit on what you can spend. And that price limit is $10,000. The car can be new (if you can actually find a new car for under $10,000) but it will most likely be used and quite old. It can be from any brand and any style of car, but it cannot exceed $10,000. Now it’s tough to prove which cars can be had with just $10 grand, so if you provide a link, that will be helpful to the other readers and commenters. But usually, we’ll just be able to tell if the car you choose could possibly be had for that kind of money.

The point of this is to make you find the brand new car that you’d drive daily and also an older car that would most likely be a project. I’ll go first to.


My brand new car would have to be the new 750i xDrive. I’ve been wanting one of these since I saw real pictures of it. I just love the car. The lightweight chassis, new design, incredible interior and amazing innovative technology all make this seem like one of the best 7 Series of all time. It actually reminds me quite a bit of the E38 7 Series and I like that. I’d take mine in Black Sapphire Metallic, because 7ers just look so good in black. The interior would be Ivory White and Black Leather with Fineline Black Wood Trim, because it looks very clean and classy to me. Obviously, I’d add the M Sport package, because it’s awesome,  the Executive Package, the Cold Weather Package and the Rear Executive Lounge Seating Package. My 7 Series would also have the Bowers & Wilkins surround sound system, the Alcantara headliner, the display key and Panoramic LED sunroof. So basically, it would be a crazy loaded and badass 750i xDrive.

For my second car, one under $10,000, I’d go with an E39 540i. They can quite commonly be found for under $10,000 and they’re very underrated cars. The E39 540i came with BMW’s 4.4 liter V8 and usually came with a six-speed manual. I’d wait and find one with the M Package, like this one, in any good color scheme. The reason I’d go for the E39 540i is because it was basically a baby M5. It wasn’t as fast nor did it handle as well, but it was fast and handled well enough. Plus it can be had for incredibly cheap, has a great suspension and is still one of the better looking 5 Series ever (second to only the E28 in my opinion).

So what would your two car dream garage be, with one being anything under the sun and the other being under $10k?