BMW Motorrad has just unveiled a new concept motorcycle dubbed the Concept Stunt G 310 which previews a production version that will follow and be built in India. The Bavarians decided to debut the bike at South America’s largest motorcycle show with the help of Chris Pfeiffer, a four time stunt riding champion.

Pfeiffer discussed the desired attributes of a stunt bike, saying “Ideally you need a compact, agile bike which is also stable and robust at the same time. You have to achieve the ideal balance between aggressiveness and control.”

The motorcycle features a single cylinder that faces from the rear to the front of the bike which is consistent with test mules spotted in Germany earlier this year. The G 310’s rear silencer is located under the seat to create optimal flexibility for the rider. BMW Motorrad promises that though the silencer is not very visible, the sound it produces “is sure to attract attention.”

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The production version is expected to debut as early as next month in Milan, Italy. This model will be built by TVS in India, though it was designed and engineered entirely in Germany according to previous statements from the top brass at BMW.

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