BMW European Delivery: Why every BMW fan should do one

BMW European Delivery | August 10th, 2015 by 18
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BMW, as well as many other German car makers, offers a European Delivery option when ordering a brand new Bimmer. Many people don’t realize that this program exists, otherwise I feel like there would be significantly more Americans doing it. It’s a wonderful program that allows the customer to not only get a significant discount on their car but a trip to Germany and other European countries as well as an experience to remember for a lifetime.

Owning a car like a BMW, especially something like an M car, is an experience. BMWs aren’t just machines to transport you from A to B. BMWs are family members, they’re special. And when welcoming a new family member, you don’t want to just pick them up at some dealer lot, right? Of course not, you want to have a grandiose meeting, this way the car will always have some extra sentiment attached to it.

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The European delivery works as such, you order your BMW through your local dealership and plan your trip to Munich, Germany. Often times, the savings on the European delivery pay for the trip. When your BMW is ready, you will fly to Munich where you will arrive at the BMW Welt, a massive and gorgeous modern structure with an apparent floating roof. Inside the Welt, you will be greeted, given a 90-minute briefing on your car and then the car will be delivered to you inside the building after it descends from a glass elevator. It’s all very theatrical and BMW makes sure that it’s an experience of a lifetime.

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From there, you drive around Germany, and the rest of Europe if you choose, in your brand new exciting BMW for as long as you wish. Once you’ve decided it’s time to head back home, you drop the BMW off at one of several different drop-off points located throughout Europe and they will ship the car back to you. The shipment costs are worked into the final cost of the car. The shipment also takes around 6-8 weeks to deliver to the East Coast US and 8-10 weeks for West Coast. This is the hardest part, because after that incredible experience, you now have to wait several weeks before seeing your car again.


However, the wait is worth the experience. BMW’s European Delivery is truly something all BMW fans should experience at least once in their life. I know I have my eye set on one with a specific trip through Europe with the Bimmer in mind. I just might have to wait quite a while before that becomes a reality. But if you have the means to do so, do it, because it’s an experience that you’ll never forget and one that will bring you even closer to your BMW.

18 responses to “BMW European Delivery: Why every BMW fan should do one”

  1. M3111Z says:

    Do your ED before the year is

  2. M3111Z says:

    Do your ED before the year is up! BMW is reducing the ED discount from 7% to 5% effective with 2016 production.

  3. steven75 says:

    I’ve always wanted to do this. However now I’m driving an “i” series and have lost interest in gas cars (as daily drivers, anyway).

    The problem? BMW doesn’t do ED on the “i” series for some unknown reason!

  4. OnYourLeft says:

    The briefing is usually 60 minutes or less. This was the case for me which is my first BMW so I
    also had a lot of questions and it was still 60 minutes. The car ‘ascends’ from the glass elevator because it comes from the basement level up to the pick-up level, which is the car elevators last stop.

    • Awesome, congrats. Great choice of car, must have been so much fun to pick up in Germany,

      Sorry about the few details I got wrong, like the time and the “descent”. I haven’t actually done an ED, I just read those details in some BMW forums. But thanks for sharing!

      • OnYourLeft says:

        The car pictured in the photo is not my car. It happened to be one that was coming up the elevator when I took the picture. It would be very rare that you would see your specific car coming up the elevator because most of the cars are brought up and placed on the spinning platforms in the morning before most people arrive for their pickup. I got a 2015 M3 which is also a great choice of car.😀. Even when the ED program switches to a 5% discount, I would still recommend doing ED.

    • Horatiu B. says:

      I drove my car into the elevator and then up :) I actually spent some time in the Welt basement to see how the car is prepared.

  5. bmwlightfoot says:

    An additional reason to take Euro delivery in 2016 is the Centennial celebrations that will be taking place. I’m planning on taking European delivery of an M2 next year and looking forward to the 100th year festivities.

  6. devonair says:

    Would this allow a US buyer to purchase a model not offered here? E.g., an M135i hatch?

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