Legend tells of a warrior that moved in the shadows, striking at will without warning, only to disappear before the enemy caught even a glimpse. While we here at PSI don’t always believe in legends, what we do believe in are diehard enthusiasts with a true passion for BMW and motorsport, and the friends we make within that category.

Florida-based PSI tuning shop unveils their latest project dubbed: The Ghost Chameleon. Based upon the E92 335is, the exciting project is not only of the most unique and purposeful cars of its kind in the country, but also a head turner. The owners asked PSI for the car to be fast and effective on a race track or road course while maintaining a level of visual appeal.


For the perfect ride height while maintaining good compliance, PSI installed a set of KW Clubsport coilovers that allow for fine-tuning the critical compression and rebound attributes of a suspension setup. In front of those are a complete high-visibility StopTech 355mm/345mm big brake kit with calipers painted in Ithaca Verde for maximum contrast with the body color and wheels. These monster units ensure fade-free speed reduction, lap after lap, while the sturdy SPEC Stage 2 clutch and UUC short shifter enable quick, fluid movement between gears. A gorgeous set of Apex EC-7 18″ wheels wrapped in Nitto NT05s help reduce weight, look fantastic, and grip like a cat being held over a pool.


The shop also wanted maximum chassis stiffening, so a full bolt-in roll bar was sourced from Fall-Line Motorsports, also painted Ithaca Verde, and a snug set of the venerable Recaro Pole Position seats were fastened down, using Macht Schnell floor mounts. For FIA-level restraints, PSI turned once again to Sabelt, who delivered an amazing 6-point harness to hold the driver in place while engaged in combat. Behind everything, working in concert with the roll bar, is a new PSI Edition alcantara rear seat delete and closeout with custom stamped aluminum panels.



To guide the assault, a BMW M Performance alcantara steering wheel with Ithaca Verde stripe was installed, and a P3 Cars boost vent gauge monitors vital signs. Power is delivered in short order by a BMS JB4 for N54, BMW DCI, and a healthy pair of VRSF catless downpipes. Active Autowerke, who have teamed up with PSI, supplied a charge pipe and BOV, their excellent front-mount intercooler and a full stainless exhaust system. The careful combination of all these parts ensures a never-ending surge of building acceleration off the line and out of each corner.


Last but certainly not least, PSI addressed the exterior. Again, it was decided to go big or go home, so the entire roof was removed and an OEM E92 M3 carbon fiber roof and headliner replaced it. Needless to say, not only does it look amazing, the functionality of a lower center of gravity serves a significant purpose while cornering.


Additionally, OEM E92 M3 side mirrors were painted in Ithaca Verde to match the 335is badges, the BMW Performance carbon fiber rear spoiler’s CRT stripe, and the i8 style front grilles. Completing the aggressive motorsport approach is an Arkym carbon fiber front lower spoiler, adding that extra bit of additional downforce.

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While the original paint color was black, PSI had a matte gray wrap applied by Carbon Wraps Orlando, and the effect is mouthwatering when paired up with the black wheels, carbon fiber roof and those unmistakeable Ithaca Verde accent pieces. In the end, PSI created a machine designed for relentless attack during competition events, and integrated the highest quality parts with ingenuity and creativity.



Suspension and Brakes
KW Clubsports
Stoptech BBK F/R (355mm/345mm) in Ithaca Verde
Apex EC-7 18″
Nitto NT05s
SPEC Stage 2 clutch
UUC Short Shift Kit
Motorsport Hardware 75mm Studs/ and race nut conversion

Fall Line GTR Roll Bar painted Ithaca Verde
RECARO pole positions
Macht Schnell Floor Mounts and Anti Sub Bar
BMW M Performance alcantara steering wheel with Ithaca stripe
Sabelt 6-point competition harnesses
P3 Cars boost vent gauge
PSI EDITION alcantara rear seat delete and closeout with stamped aluminum panels

BMS JB4 (N54)
VRSF catless downpipes
AA charge pipe and BOV
AA Sport front mount intercooler
AA full stainless exhaust
Custom coding by Mike Benvo @ BPM Sport

OEM E92 M3 carbon fiber roof & headliner
OEM E92 M3 side mrrors painted in Ithaca Verde
Matte gray wrap by Carbon Wraps Orlando
i8 style painted front kidney grilles
Ithaca Verde 335is badges
BMW Performance carbon fiber rear spoiler with CRT stripe
Arkym carbon fiber front splitter