Back in 2014, BMW developed a Vision GT car for Gran Turismo 6, the famous racing video game. BMW’s Vision GT car was never something that actually made it to production, but was only designed virtually for Gran Turismo 6. The Vision GT was something for BMW fans to enjoy, virtually only. However, some of the design cues from it may actually come alive in an upcoming BMW.

The BMW M2.

BMW Vision Gran Turismo -05

Firstly, it’s pretty obvious that the 2 Series was the basis for the design of the Vision GT. The size, shape, grille and taillights are all reminiscent of the current 2 Series and upcoming M2. The flared wheel arches, the rear diffuser and front fascia are all designs that can make it to the M2, if only less aggressively styled versions. But when looking at the Vision GT, it’s obvious that the upcoming M2 was the inspiration for it.

BMW Vision Gran Turismo -12

The virtual engine used was a 3.0 liter TwinPower inline-six engine, much like the M2 will have, and it developed 549 digital horses. The upcoming M2 will be considerably less powerful than that, with 365 ponies under hood. However, the engine setup is largely the same and in the real world, 365 hp is plenty. The only mechanical difference, aside from the M2’s actual existence, would be the gearbox. The Vision GT uses a six-speed sequential automated manual with paddles, while the M2 will have either a DCT or a six-speed manual.

BMW Vision Gran Turismo -07

The BMW Vision GT racer was a Gran Turismo fan favorite and the upcoming BMW M2 should be a real life fan favorite. If the M2 is as hard-edged and as high performing as we all think it will be, the M2 may be the closest thing we’ll ever get to driving a real-life BMW Vision GT. Here’s to hoping.

BMW Vision Gran Turismo -09