BMW’s turbo engines have radically changed the M ownership experience. While many lament the loss of BMW’s normally aspirated powerplants for their ability to give every owner a race car like experience on the street or on the track, few can deny the ability of the new turbo powerplants to ignite an internal horsepower war within BMW M’s very own walls. With each turbo car released by the M division, the bar is raised progressively higher. Compounded with consistent under-rating of M’s turbo cars, the turbo era does have some welcome perks.

Chicago-based IND took their new BMW X5 M for a dyno test on the AMS Performance’s DynoJet dynamometer, and the results were at once pleasing, surprising, and yet all too familiar for fans of BMW M turbo engines.


The new X5 M output an astounding 535 SAE corrected all wheel horsepower, without breaking a sweat, in completely factory form. The powerband is incredibly linear and the car so clearly has ample power on tap.


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