Earlier this week, we went to Miramas, France to drive what could be the future of zero emission long-distance transportation. BMW chose as a test bed the somewhat design-controversial 5 Series GT which was fitted with the latest and greatest hydrogen fuel cell technology. But that wasn’t the only thing BMW was testing. The engineers and designers in Munich have worked together to create new lightweight parts that could be fitted to future cars in order to shed some weight.

The 5 Series GT prototype was fitted with a carbon fiber roof, similar to the one found in the new M3 and M4 sportscars, an indication that future models could feature a similar setup.


Even more exciting than the roof is the hatchback because it is completely made of carbon fiber reinforced plastic and demonstrates that in the future even the most complex shapes can be made from lightweight materials. Also integrated into the design of the one-piece rear hatch is a spoiler lip.



The wheels are made from a carbon fiber and aluminum composite which reduce the weight and provides additional strength.


BMW says that their engineers are always testing lightweight solutions for every day life in order to collect data and make educated decisions in the future. The latest and greatest BMW that is based on the entire philosophy of lightweight construction is the new 7 Series with its BMW Carbon Technology.

[Photos: Bimmertoday]