Well, it’s Father’s Day. Today may be a very special day for many car enthusiasts, because it’s often the case that their fathers are the people who got them into cars. It’s quite common for car enthusiasm to be passed down from father to son for generations. It’s especially true with certain car brands. If a man is a big fan of a certain brand his whole life, and possible collects its cars, it’s likely that his son or daughter might follow suit. BMW is a brand that sticks, one whose admiration for it is usually passed down through the generations.

So, if you have a father with a great love for the Bavarian brand, it might be nice to get him a gift to reflect that. Obviously, it’s probably not too easy, or financially responsible, to buy your father a BMW for Father’s Day. That’s a bit crazy. But buying him something BMW related might be a nice way to add to his BMW enthusiasm. Fortunately for you fine folk, BMW has many accessories that can add enjoyment to driving his prized BMW.

BMW’s Metal Framed Aviator Sunglasses


Sunglasses are a great gift, especially for a car enthusiast. We like our sunglasses, as they are actually helpful for driving as well as look cool. But off-the-rack sunglasses from Walgreens won’t do when driving a BMW. So having a pair of BMW sunglasses to keep in Dad’s favorite BMW might be a nice gift. These Metal Framed Aviators have a classic cool look that fits perfectly with the subtle and refined good looks of a BMW. You can buy them here.

BMW M Driving Gloves

It’s a bit hot in most parts of the world at the moment, as it’s practically summer, so driving gloves might not be the most practical choice at the moment. However, they always look cool and will be more useful once Autumn starts to roll around. These M inspired driving gloves are some of the best looking around and will match perfectly with a BMW M car. So while they may not be the most useful gift at the moment, Dad will appreciate them as the weather starts to take a dip. You can buy them here.

BMW M Quilted Wallet

BMW M Quilted Wallet

A wallet is always a good gift for Dad. It’s something he will use everyday for years to come. And having a BMW wallet is a good way for him to have a BMW branded item, something that only he will appreciate, that isn’t showy or ostentatious as it will be in his pocket most of its life. Plus, this M Quilted Wallet, with it’s black leather and red accents, looks the business. The quilting on the front is reminiscent of the new BMW 7 Series’ seats. But the M logo and red accents give it a sporting touch. Overall just a cool gift for Dad. You can buy them here.

BMW makes plenty of interesting accessories for the enthusiast, and they make wonderful gifts. This is the perfect time to say thanks to your dad for getting you into the strange, yet wonderful, world of car enthusiasm by getting him something to remind him of it. This gift will give him yet another memory of the times you spent together driving, fixing or learning about cars.