Earlier today we saw the first real life photos of the new 2016 BMW 7 Series with the M Sport Package and now, courtesy of Bimmertoday, we can take a look at the G12 750Li xDrive and the entry-level G11 730d. The photos were taken outside the BMW Welt in Munich allowing us to see the car in a natural setting.

BMW 7 Series, the brand’s flagship, is in its sixth generation and aims to set a new benchmark in the segment with its lightweight design, driving dynamics, comfort and luxury features, intelligent connectivity and extensive cabin tech. It will take on the current leader, the Mercedes-Benz S-Class and will arrive in the U.S. this fall with two powertrains: the 740i and a 750i xDrive model. The European market will also get at launch time the 730d and 730Ld models, both with a rear-wheel drive setup or all-wheel drive. A plug-in hybrid 740Le will be launched in 2016.

BMW 7er 2015 Live Fotos G11 G12 BMW Welt 04 750x500

BMW has gone to great lengths to insure that its newest 7 Series is as advanced, in terms of both luxury and technology, as possible. The design seems to be a hit or miss with the crowd so far, while some absolutely love the new face, others are astounded by the design similarities with the previous generation.

BMW 7er 2015 Live Fotos G11 G12 BMW Welt 02 750x500

With the new 7 Series comes a bevy of features new to both the 7 Series line, like air suspension and a plug-in hybrid variant, as well as the segment as a whole, like wireless charging and gesture control for the infotainment system.

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