The new 2016 BMW X1 is the talk of the town this week. Karim Habib’s design team, specifically Calvin Luk, have done an amazing job taking the already successful first generation X1 and giving it a premium and sporty look in such a compact format.

To date, over 730,000 copies of the X1 have been sold worldwide, an impressive number by any standards. In the light of this success, it was only a matter of time before other manufacturers also joined the segment. The recently refreshed Audi Q3 and the fledgling Mercedes GLA are two strong contenders in the segment which are giving the X1 a run for its money.


All these cars cater to a very similar audience: youngsters, small families and outdoor people. The age entry-point into the brand is certainly lowered with those small SUVs and they add quickly to the bottom line.

Our image comparison shows the three German entry level SUV from different perspectives, thus providing an idea of ​​the similarities and differences in the design.

Bild-Vergleich-BMW-X1-F48-Audi-Q3-Mercedes-GLA-2015-04 Bild-Vergleich-BMW-X1-F48-Audi-Q3-Mercedes-GLA-2015-06

Take a look at the photo gallery below and let us know which design you like best.

[Photos: Bimmertoday]