Johan De Nysschen calls out Germanmobile Fanboys

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Johan De Nysschen, Cadillac CEO, in a Facebook post, ranted about how Cadillac’s newest performance models, the V variants of the CTS and ATS

Awhile back, before the NY International Auto Show, Cadillac decided to troll some of its German competitors by showing up at each one’s headquarters in either a new CTS-V or ATS-V. Caddy then posted pictures of the cars in from of the headquarters on Twitter, with a witty caption to go along with it. This was all fun and games. A way to show the Germans that Cadillac has some good performance cars too, and wants to show them off on the German’s home turf. I get it. It’s good old fashioned ribbing amongst competitors.

However, Cadillac Boss Man, Johan De Nysschen, decided to up the ante quite a bit. In a recent Facebook post, he ranted about how Cadillac’s newest performance models, the V variants of the CTS and ATS, will be better in every possible way than their German competitors. He even tells the “Germanmobile fanboys” that their “worst nightmare has arrived.”

cadillac cts v test drive images 04 750x500

De Nysschen cites that these new models aren’t just about horsepower and acceleration. However, he goes on to say that, in those two areas, the Germans have already been “whipped”. But he finishes by saying that these new Caddys will be better than the Germans in terms of braking, handling and steering. He uses the expression “a new Sheriff is in town” when talking about the Cadillacs and says “The American thoroughbred muscle car is back”.

I like a little chest pounding from automakers, but only if it can be backed up. It’s unknown, as of now, if the CTS and ATS V will be better than their German counterparts, but it’s sure to be a close battle. Admittedly, both V branded Cadillacs will have more power than BMW’s, Mercedes’ and Audi’s cars in the segments, but as we already know, power isn’t everything. I don’t have a problem with De Nysschen being confident in his own products and wanting to pound his proverbial chest a bit.

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However, there are some issues I have with the specific things he mentioned. He claims that the Germans have already been “whipped” by Cadillac in the power department. As of right now, neither the CTS-V or ATS-V are on sale, so there has been no whipping to speak of. For the past few decades, Cadillac has been making cheap Chevy re-badges, so I’m not sure what he’s talking about. The previous CTS-V was very good, but that was years ago and every German automaker has released newer cars that crush the old CTS-V. So claiming that the Germans have been whipped is a bit of a stretch.

Also, he claims that the CTS-V and ATS-V will beat all Germans in the handling department as well. While this may be the case, when both cars are finally released, they aren’t actually released yet. I’m sure Cadillac has tested its cars against its competitors during development, but without having actually had the cars out there for testing, by unbiased sources, the claims of handling superiority are hollow.

The biggest issue I take with his little Facebook rant is the last line — “The American thoroughbred muscle car is back”. It’s a nice statement to rally the troops back in Detroit with, but is completely misguided. Old-school American muscle cars have always fallen to the Germans in terms of handling and performance. American muscle cars are many things; cool, good looking, powerful, fast, loud, exciting. But great handlers? They couldn’t be further from that.

I get what De Nysschen is doing, and it’s good fun for us fans, but it seems like a bit of a hollow attack for no reason. It also seems a bit silly to do so, because even if the CTS-V and ATS-V are better than all German competitors, new ones are coming soon. BMW is going to be debuting a new 5 Series next year and Mercedes should be releasing a new E Class quite soon. Both Germans will have their own M and AMG variants that will most likely be monsters. While Johan’s Facebook rant might prove to be true at first, it could be very short lived.

11 responses to “Johan De Nysschen calls out Germanmobile Fanboys”

  1. tony says:

    Not worried at all. Anyone that feeds into the whole Cadillac is superior gimmick is setting themselves up to be laughed at in the end…look at Lexus with the RC F.

    Do we really thing BMW M, Mercedes AMG, or Audi RS is going to just sit back and be just let things slide? Nope, you can bet that they are laughing within each of their respective headquarters as BMW looks at their M2, M4 GTS and next gen M5/M6…Mercedes looks at their new e-class and c63 amg coupe..and Audi looks at their next RS5 and RS4

    …and personally, I can’t wait for the caddys to get trashed on, cuz again, the RC F was a good laugh against the M4

  2. CDspeed says:

    “The American thoroughbred muscle car is back”, I think that was a stupid statement. Muscle cars are know for being dimwits in the handling department, and being basically cheap. They have more power then they can actually use, and no substance. But insulting German cars fans, the very people they’re hoping to attract as buyers, that is messed up. When making a come back you need to prove your self, not talk trash that can be easily thrown back in your face, further tarnishing your company’s image.

  3. Terry Cowan says:

    This is at least the third brand this corporate shill has whored himself out to, I smell Korean or Chinese next. I’ve watched BMW go from zero to hero, starting with a 2 dr. 4 cyl. sedan to King of the World today, while Cadillac under GM went from Standard of the World to bankrupt. Maybe he’s not from Proctor & Gamble (one of GM’s countless missteps), but he has no more credibility. He’s benchmarking the 3 & 5 while the lead is being set by the i3, i8, and more to come.

  4. jason bourne says:

    You guys (Terry, CD, Tony) pretty much summed it up. De Nysschen is just another corporate chest-thumping blowhard going for cheap publicity.

  5. Ninong says:

    He’s not with Infiniti anymore?

    He sounds ridiculous, especially for someone who has only been with General Motors a few months. GM is still a company with a corporate culture problem and that’s not something that can be turned around quickly.

    In the meantime, I doubt BMW will pay any attention to his delusional rants. They’re too busy preparing to launch the next generation 7-series, followed by the next generation 5-series. Meanwhile GM is still trying to figure out how to explain why they concealed their ignition switch failures for years and allowed people to die as a result.

  6. Cary says:

    But can he make a car that looks good? Inside and out? The current Caddie interior gives me a headache, there’s so much busy work. The exterior is less fugly than the last generation, but still nothing likable.

  7. joseph_rma says:

    Long-term said they can’t really compete with the Big Three Germans and would not in the near future. Germans are better developers for sure.

  8. 1JohnMason says:

    The Cadillac car is jinxed, other than that Cadillac has everything you want in premium luxury car except curb appeal.

  9. Larry Hatch says:

    “De Nysschen sites that these new models”…maybe that should be “cites” in the educated world? This is basically a Corvette C7 Z06 with lots more leather, a taller cabin, and pretty wood. Germany has no answer for the Z06 (unless it’s a Porsche costing $60K more) and the entire Bavarian, Benz, and Outie gang, still resting on their rusting laurels, will never match this car with their massive union labor costs. Did anyone listen to Caddie’s marketing strategy….the disrespect and trashing of the Euro-bland stereotype is their new DNA. Cadillac is like Samsung showing Apple their phones are overpriced, under-capable, and inferior crap by every single, objective metric. Bring it on…Normandy Beach style.

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