If you’ve ever driven a BMW M car, you know that they are some of the highest performing automobiles on the planet. With so much raw power and handling ability, BMW M cars can be intimidating, when near the limit, for the uninitiated, at first. However, BMW has created a program in which the uninitiated become initiated with the power and capabilities of BMW’s M Division cars.

It’s called the Ultimate Driving Experience.

Within the Ultimate Driving Experience, or UDE, is a Car Control Clinic in which BMW will host a number of driving events for guests to take part in to hone their skills in some of BMW’s highest performing cars. Drivers in attendance will be able to pilot a BMW M3, M4 and M235i in a series of events, such as a slalom, skid control and even timed Autocross laps. BMW Professional Driving Instructors will be on hand to help guests reach their full potential.


During these events, drivers will experience high speed skids, advance braking programs and slalom maneuvers, all of which will build skill behind the wheel. This adrenaline filled driving program will be available to all eligible drivers for just $750. However, as an added bonus for completing the Car Control Clinic, BMW will offer attendees a $1,000 allowance towards the Lease or Purchase of a new BMW.

The Car Control Clinic will be coming to the Atlanta Motor Speedway in Atlanta, Georgia on March 21st – 29th, Metlife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey on April 11th – 19th and Hialeah Park in Miami, Florida on May 9th – 17th. Registration is currently available for the Atlanta Motor Speedway and Metlife Stadium events and guests looking to attend the Hialeah Park event must sign up for notifications to register.

After the Car Control Clinic, not only will attendees have mastered the skills necessary to fully enjoy the potential of BMW’s M cars, but they’ll walk away with a bit of coin in their pocket towards their next BMW. The Ultimate Driving Experience’s Car Control Clinic is a fantastic program, designed to help drivers get the most out of some of the highest performance cars on the market.

For more information and to register for The BMW Ultimate Driving Experience visit: http://www.bmwusa.com/ude or call 800-558-4BMW (4269)