BMW M4 drifts in snow at BMW Driving Experience

BMW M4 | February 6th, 2014 by 3
bmw m4 snow 750x500

Worried about driving an M3 or M4 snow? Fear no more. The M folks show us what the M4 can do in snow, if properly equipped with winter tires.

At the BMW Driving Experience, BMW takes the M4 in Austin Yellow for a session of drifting and handling on a heavy snowed ground.

Via Facebook, the driving instructors of the BMW Driving Experience ride the M4 in Sölden, and the photos tell the whole story. The M4 is a fun car to drive.

If you can’t wait until the next winter, and would like to track the M4, BMW is offering a customer experience in Turkey this upcoming spring where you can sample the M4, as well as the M3 Sedan.

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