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The folks over at BMW Seattle are bringing us the first BMW M3 painted in the “Ferrari Red” color. The bright red is identical with …

The folks over at BMW Seattle are bringing us the first BMW M3 painted in the “Ferrari Red” color. The bright red is identical with the Rosso Corsa offered by Ferrari and can be ordered as a special paint job from the BMW Individual catalog. As with all the Individual colors, the price in the U.S. is set to $5,000.

The fully loaded M3 Sedan has an MSRP of $84,125 and it includes Black Full  Merino Leather, Driver Assistance Plus, Executive Package, M-DCT, Adaptive M Suspension and 19 inch black alloy wheels.

Adam Newbold, New Car Sales Manager at BMW Seattle, says the project came to life after seeing a Ferrari Red M5 in Dubai. “Ferrari Red came about two ways – I remember seeing an M5 from Dubai in Ferrari Red and thinking how vibrant it looked and how I wanted to see it in person,” says Newbold. “When we got the chance to order special colors, we simply wanted a unique car – Imola Red had already been done and we wanted to do something no one else had,” added Newbold.


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The M3 and M4 comes with a variety of well known colors as well as two ones ones: Yas Marina Blue Metallic and Austin Yellow Metallic. The other exterior colors for the M3 and M4 are: Alpine White, Mineral Grey Metallic, Sakhir Orange, Black Sapphire Metallic, Silverstone Metallic and Mineral White Metallic.

As of March 2015, the matte finishes – BMW Frozen White, Frozen Black, Frozen Red and Silver for the sporty midsize M3 and M4 – are available also. 

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8 responses to “BMW M3 in Ferrari Red Individual Color”

  1. Ninong says:

    Sakhir Orange was dropped from the list of available standard colors for the M3 and M4.

      • Ninong says:

        I first noticed it a few days ago in the configurator on the BMW USA website. Someone posted that they had finally added the individual colors and interiors (but not the frozen colors) to the M3/M4. The Sakhir Orange was gone from both the M3/M4, unless it was an oversight?

      • Ninong says:

        Sakhir Orange is still available if you live in Canada. It still shows up on the BMW Canada configurator for the M3/M4. They list 17 colors for the M6: seven standard colors and 10 individual colors, including 5 frozen colors.

        While I was browsing that website, I noticed that the Canadians can order the M Performance Exhaust for only $1,500 extra on an M235i. They can also get the M Performance Titanium Exhaust included as part of the Ultimate Package on the M6. I assume that’s straight from the factory, right?

        I wonder why BMW NA has this nasty habit of restricting what Americans are allowed to order from BMW?

  2. jason bourne says:

    BMW needs to bring back the non-metallic red color which was inexplicably dropped here in the States in 2012.

  3. Tom says:

    If only this was standard!

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