One of the most heated conversations in the BMW world revolves around a BMW supercar. The unicorn has yet to be found and speculations on what the BMW car of the future should be are abundant. With the reveal of the new Audi R8, more and more BMW fans are craving the wheels of a proper supercar that could finally tune out the voices coming from the Audi and Mercedes communities.

Long-time reader and rendering artist Giom Mouton has decided to come out of retirement and give us a 3D look at a BMW sports car. Dubbed BMW M1 Design Concept, the computer generated images highlight a supercar with classic lines and a bit of the modern day hypercar look.

The thinking behind the M1 Design Concept is a hybrid vehicle with a V10 naturally-aspirated engine paired with one or two electric motors that could drive the front and rear wheels. A KERS-setup much like the LaFerrari comes to mind immediately. Mouton says that in his mind this would be BMW’s only naturally-aspirated engine as it suits this type of car perfectly.

BMW M1 Design Concept 02 750x422

The design focuses on driver involvement and dynamics, and less on comfort.

Mouton keeps intact the iconic BMW design cues, starting with the kidney grille (inspired by the BMW i8) and double-round headlamps, long-bonnet and short overhangs, while in the back, newly L-shaped taillights are present as well. The front fascia also takes cues from the new BMW design language by featuring large air intakes. The two-seater M1 Design Concept highlights a strong shoulder line, emphasized by air vents on the rear fenders. As a typical supercar, the roofline is quite low and the Hofmeister Kink takes a slightly different interpretation.

At a first glance, the car would fit in a class with the Ferrari 458 Italia and the new Ford GT, all these cars sporting similar design cues.

BMW M1 Design Concept 03 750x422

Now whether BMW decides to build a new supercar or simply focus on a progressive version of the i8 – i8S – will remain to be discovered in 2016 when the Bavarians are celebrating their 100th birthday.

BMW-M1-Design-Concept-01 BMW-M1-Design-Concept-02 BMW-M1-Design-Concept-03 BMW-M1-Design-Concept-04