I’ve given Chris Bangle a lot of flak as of late, and have been criticizing his “Bangle Butt” car designs. I understand that he may have been a visionary and was simply creating cars ahead of their time. I’m just not a fan of many of his designs.

However, he is regarded as one of the most talented and inspirational automotive designers. He did also create many great looking cars; unfortunately none of their design cues have a nickname to go along with them, like Bangle Butt.

This video shows Bangle talking passionately about design, what drives design and showcasing him as an innovator who tried to create new, fresh, technologically advanced designs while still keeping the BMW heritage alive.

He does an excellent job describing the process of designing a new BMW and the importance of keeping a design DNA that shows the strong pride in the BMW lineage.

Have a look at this video to get an insight as to what made Bangle’s designs tick. And also check out that funny shirt and tie, maybe that’s all the insight you need. Bangle was/is a funky dude.