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Chris Bangle’s newest car is…different

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Chris Bangle finds modern car design to be boring

If you’re well-versed in BMW’s history, the name “Chris Bangle” is certainly one you’re aware of. For better or worse, Bangle is well known by almost all BMW fans. He’s the man most famously responsible…

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Back in 2012, we interviewed Chris Bangle

Back in 2012, BMWBLOG had the opportunity to interview Chris Bangle, BMW’s ex-chief designer. There are a number of us at BMWBLOG that think very highly of Chris Bangle’s contribution to automotive design and particularly…

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BMWBLOG Interviews Chris Bangle

BMWBLOG had the opportunity recently to interview Chris Bangle. As usual, a memo circulated inside the group soliciting questions for the interview, and we got an array of decent topics to put in front of…