The launch of the recent ///M models has not only brought new and fresh designs but also a plethora of stamps on the car to remind us that these are some very special BMWs. From inside to outside the car and even underneath, the new M cars feature an astonishing number of M badges, stampings and stickers.

The folks over at Car and Driver set a goal to find out how many of those M imprints are found on or underneath the new 2015 BMW M3/M4.

To begin their M-badge tally, C&D first hoisted the M3 up on the lift to examine it from underneath and count only the visible badges.

From the engine undertray and the exhaust shielding, to the front and rear suspensions, they counted 39 signs that this is an M car. The most M badges were found on the rear suspension and its multiple links: 20.

The brake system was next in the tally counter. Each brake caliper and brake hat has an M logo, so that brings in another 12 M badges.

Four M marks are found on the exterior design: kidney grille, side gills and trunk.

Under the hood, they found 9 more M badges on the engine cover, radiator, drip rail and into ribbed headlight brackets.

The interior design gets its fair share of M embroidery on each front door sill, the driver’s dead pedal, the steering wheel, the shift knob, front-seat backrest and on the gauges display. So 7 more inside the cabin.

If you lost count, this brings the total of M (visible) badges to 67, an impressive number by all means.